David Poore

David is an Emmy and RTS nominated composer who has written music for over 200 productions for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, as well as many international companies including Disney, PBS, Discovery and National Geographic over the past 25 years.


For drama, you need something special in the music, and David always delivers.

Hugh Miles, Independant Filmmaker and Producer

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David's music excels at creating emotional engagement with the action on screen.

Grant Mansfield, CEO, Zodiak USA

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When a piece of music touches me as yours does it brings so many emotions.

Gary Burns

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The music should transport people to another world; David helps to achieve just that.

Hugh Miles, Independant Filmmaker and Producer

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Your music is excellent and the more people who hear it the better.

Lesley Hay

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Thank you!!! Your music was a massive part of what made the series feel so epic and glossy!

Sara Ford, Executive Producer, BBC

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Simply Stunning !!

Portia Pullen

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The key change is particularly powerful and spine tingling. Isn't music great how it can have that effect...

Patrick Watkins

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For bringing out the latent emotion in a scene, David is everything I would look for in a screen composer.

Nigel Pope, Director Mara Media & former BBC producer

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Every single time I hear this music it makes me want to play my violin again!

Gail Bemrose

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Recent Work


This is a piece written for a feature film entitled 'Frail' starring Simon Shepherd and Catrin Stewart, a character drama directed by Leslie Rogers. Release date to be confirmed.

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I recently collaborated with fellow Bristol composer Neil Davidge on the 4 part BBC series Earth From Space. Cameras in space tell stories of life on our planet from a brand new perspective, revealing new discoveries, incredible colours and patterns, … Continue reading

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