David Poore

David is an Emmy and RTS nominated composer who has written music for over 200 productions for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, as well as many international companies including Disney, PBS, Discovery and National Geographic over the past 25 years.


For drama, you need something special in the music, and David always delivers.

Hugh Miles, Independant Filmmaker and Producer

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David's music excels at creating emotional engagement with the action on screen.

Grant Mansfield, CEO, Zodiak USA

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When a piece of music touches me as yours does it brings so many emotions.

Gary Burns

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The music should transport people to another world; David helps to achieve just that.

Hugh Miles, Independant Filmmaker and Producer

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Your music is excellent and the more people who hear it the better.

Lesley Hay

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Thank you!!! Your music was a massive part of what made the series feel so epic and glossy!

Sara Ford, Executive Producer, BBC

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Simply Stunning !!

Portia Pullen

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The key change is particularly powerful and spine tingling. Isn't music great how it can have that effect...

Patrick Watkins

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For bringing out the latent emotion in a scene, David is everything I would look for in a screen composer.

Nigel Pope, Director Mara Media & former BBC producer

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Every single time I hear this music it makes me want to play my violin again!

Gail Bemrose

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A little about David

From both David Attenborough's flagship series' Life In Cold Blood and Life In The Undergrowth to Grand Designs, Springwatch and drama feature film 'Frail', David's scores are continually in demand predominantly in the UK, but also around the world.

David is an Emmy and RTS Award nominated composer who has written music for over 200 productions for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, as well as many international channels including PBS, Discovery, National Geographic and Disney. 

From the flagship Sir David Attenborough series Life In Cold Blood and Life In The Undergrowth to the Springwatch Theme, Channel 4's Grand Designs, and feature film drama 'Frail', David's scores are continually in demand, in the UK and around the world.

Whether working with a full orchestra, groups of folk and indigenous instruments or simply a solo instrument or voice, what is important to David is crafting a score that enhances the images and the storyline without intruding. For David, writing good screen music means understanding the difference between featured and incidental music – sensing when to augment the on-screen action and when to give it space.

Inspired by his musical experiences at Wells Cathedral School, as a choral scholar in the Cathedral choir also orchestral percussionist and kit drummer, then going on to study jazz, David's early musical compositions led to commissions from documentary makers at the BBC Natural History Unit while he was working as a sound designer and dubbing mixer with Bristol based TV post-production studios Films At 59. Through these early productions he became a regular screen composer not only for the BBC but also many independent producers.

To see examples of David's work, please visit Music

In 1989 after studying at Newport Film School, David joined Bristol based Films At 59 as a sound designer and dubbing mixer. His musical background, combined with his experience in mixing music within soundtracks led to compositional commissions for the BBC including the film 'The Price Of Peace' revealing the aftermath of the first Gulf War.

Further commissions followed immediately, and in 1992 David began working as a full-time independent composer. From his studio in Bristol he has since worked continually, composing and producing music for films broadcast on all major global networks. David is expanding his work in the field of drama and feature film and is represented by music agents Air-Edel, and his publishers are BDI/Bucks Music Group.

Recent works: 

African Cats Adventure (Disney): a 3 part natural history series adapted from the 2011 Disney feature film African Cats with a complete new score

Frail (Suspended Films): a drama feature film due for upcoming release

Mr Moon (Disney): a CGI space adventure series

Mountain Gorilla (BBC): series looking at the gorillas of Rwanda, Uganda and Congo, directed by Nigel Pope, Rosie Gloyns and Scott Alexander

Catching The Impossible (Channel 4): angling series filmed and directed by Hugh Miles

The Man Who Stopped The Desert (1080 Films): an independent production directed by Mark Dodd

Selected works: 

Life In Cold Blood (BBC): BAFTA Winner, Best Factual Series 2009. The most recent of Sir David Attenborough's Life series

Life In The Undergrowth† (BBC): BAFTA Nominated, Huw Weldon Award for Specialist Factual Series 2005

Grand Designs (Channel 4): incidental music for Channel 4's popular design show since 2007

Springwatch and Autumnwatch (BBC): David's composition work earned him a Royal Television Society (RTS) award nomination in 2007 for the main title theme.

Big Cat Diary, Big Cat Week, Big Cat Live (BBC): theme and incidental music for the long-running series.

Planet Earth – The Future (BBC): music for conservation films to accompany the ground breaking series

The Nature of Britain (BBC): series presented by Alan Titchmarsh.

Ireland (BBC): directed by Karen Partridge for BBC Natural World and received an Emmy nomination

Great White Shark – A Living Legend (BBC): directed by Joe Kennedy for BBC Natural World

Ocean Voyager (Off The Fence): feature film narrated by Meryl Streep. David provided incidental music used in this film which was subsequently screened in Cadogan Hall, London in December 2007, the music being performed live with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Debbie Wiseman.

In The Wild (ITV): acclaimed nature documentary series including films with Goldie Hawn, Bob Hoskins and Christopher Reeve.

Catching The Impossible (8 part series for Channel 4)

Dispatches: Barrack Room Bullies (Channel 4): documentary directed by Harvey Lilley

The Truth About Lions (BBC): series produced by Colin Jackson for BBC2

Degas and the Dance (BBC/PBS)

Celebrity Fit Club (ITV): 

The One Show (BBC): 

Omnibus (BBC): 

Africa (8 part series for National Geographic)

Orangutan Diary and Elephant Diary (BBC) with Michaela Strachan

Man-Eaters (National Geographic)

The Secret Life of Elephants (BBC)

Chimpanzee Diary (BBC) with Charlotte Uhlenbroek

Big Bear Week (BBC)

Tales from The Green Valley (12 part series for the BBC)

Natural World (BBC): one of David's first commissions, he has since composed for many films screened in the BBC's long running series

Mr Moon (52 part series for Disney)

Aardman Animations Woodland Creatures: music to accompany their animation for the Wildscreen awards

Henry's Amazing Animals (52 part series for Disney)

Growing Up Wild (26 part series for BBC)

† series co-written with Ben Salisbury

Recorded with:

Musicians from The London Philharmonic Orchestra,
The BBC Concert Orchestra, and The King's Singers

The Bristol Ensemble

Sonia Slany and The Solid Strings

Notable soloists -

Kit Morgan (Guitar)

Stuart Gordon (Violin)

Paul Clarvis (Percussion)

Dirk Campbell (Ethnic Wind Instruments)

Dan Newell (Trumpet)

Eluned Pierce (Harp)

Belinda Sykes, Abbie Lathe, Sunetra Fernando, Jocasta (Solo Vocals)

Chris Northam (Piano)

Andy Sheppard (Saxophone)

Will Gregory (Saxophone)

Helen Tunstall (Harp)

Vicky Walpole (Cor Anglais)

Alan Burton (Uilleann and Celtic Pipes)

Ciaran Boyle (Bodhrán)

Joff Lowson (Banjo/Guitar)

Mike Taylor (Pan Flute)

Andy Christie (Guitar)

Nick Parry (Cello)

Keith Warmington (Harmonica)

Imogen Triner (Oboe)

David Pagett (Clarinet)

Robyn Austin (Cello)

Jamie Matthews (Harmonica/Jaws Harp)

Rick Payne (Slide/Blues Guitar)

Pritam Singh (Tabla)

Adrian Utley (Guitar)

Keith Tempest (Cello)

Rutledge Turnlund (Double Bass)

Louise Palmer (Flute)

Geoff Smith (Hammered Dulcimer)

Maclaine Colston (Hammered Dulcimer)

Recording Studios:

Abbey Road Studios, London

Real World Studios, Box

Air Edel Studios, London

Christchurch Studios, Bristol

Victoria Rooms, Bristol

The Bunker, Bristol

Awards and Recognition:

Emmy nomination in 2005: David's work on the film Ireland, a co-production for BBC's Natural World and PBS's Nature series in the USA, earned him an Emmy Nomination for Outstanding Individual Achievement in a Craft.

RTS (Royal Television Society) Award Nomination, 2007: David's main title for the BBC's Springwatch earned a nomination for Outstanding Original Main Title Theme.

BAFTA Awards, 2005 and 2009: David's contributions to Sir David Attenborough's Life In The Undergrowth and Life In Cold Blood were reflected in the two series' overall BAFTA Awards successes, with a category win in 2009 as 'Best Factual Series' for Life In Cold Blood

Golden Panda award, 2008: The BBC series Life In Cold Blood, featuring David's compositions, was awarded the prestigious Golden Panda award at the 2008 Wildscreen Festival.

Jackson Hole Film Festival 2003: Snake Hunter - North America for National Geographic was a music finalist at this renowned film festival.

Wildscreen 2002: David's score for Snake Hunter - North America also earned him a place as a finalist at Wildscreen.

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Work In Progress.

"Hard Sun" - Collaborative writing with Neil Davidge on a drama series written by Neil Cross (Luther) for BBC One.

"The Wynters Men" - A drama feature film by independent company Shoreditch Films.

I have recently completed work with fellow Bristol composer/producer Neil Davidge on music for the BBC drama series "Hard Sun" - made by Euston Films. A pre-apocalyptic crime drama set in contemporary London currently showing on Saturdays on BBC One at 21.35.

I am also working on music for a feature film entitled "The Wynters Men" - a film made by Shoreditch Films. Three convicts escape the notorious Wynters Prison and must find their way to the coast, whilst dealing with the harsh winter conditions and evading capture. Directed by Ben Wicks

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What's Out There To See. (UK only)

"Grand Designs" - New Series on Wednesdays at 9pm on Ch4, and every day except Sundays on More4, 7.55pm

'Little Big Planet 3' - Sony Computer Game - DLC

'Mr Moon' - every day on Disney Junior at 6.45pm

'Catching The Impossible' - Weekday mornings on Discovery Channel - Shed

"Grand Designs" - New Series on Wednesdays at 9pm on Ch4, and every day except Sundays on More4, 7.55pm

David's has recently scored the music for the downloadable content (DLC) 'The Gardens' level of Sony Computer Entertainment's 'Little Big Planet 3'

Disney continue to transmit the increasingly popular space animation adventure series 'Mr Moon' every day at 6.45pm on Disney Junior.

Currently showing early weekday mornings on Discovery Channel - Shed, is the acclaimed series 'Catching The Impossible'

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What The Filmmakers Say

Here's a little look at what people in the industry have commented about David's music.

"We can safely say that we have never worked on a series where the music has had so much critical acclaim and been linked so closely with the success of the programmes. This is because your compositions and your choice of instruments were so brilliantly matched to the scale and emotions we were trying to tell."

The Life in the Undergrowth production team.

"David did the scoring for a number of documentaries I produced. What I liked about working with David is that he's creative, brings lots of good ideas and composes in a variety of styles. His music creates emotional engagement with the drama on screen. Allied to all that, he's simply a nice guy to work with."

Grant Mansfield, CEO, Zodiak USA

"Thank you!!! Your music was a massive part of what made the [Mountain Gorilla] series feel so epic and glossy! I absolutely love it and love it more every time I hear it... "

Sara Ford, Executive Producer, BBC

"I wanted a composer who could put a lot of their own magic into it. David got the whole concept straight away, in a very imaginative and articulate way. He had to be flexible because of the way animation is constructed, but he was never fazed. David is very dedicated to making the music really work for the medium."

Andrew Hunter, Independent Director, Skara Productions

"David is incredibly inventive, and for the kind of material I needed, he could always came up with a stirring, driving theme. There are a lot of composers who can't do what David can, which is that when music does need to come to the fore, it makes a statement and blends well with the production."

Andrew Jackson, Head of BBC Natural History Unit

"I use David because he writes beautiful music. He uses whatever instrument necessary, and the end result is always evocative. With Catching The Impossible, getting on Channel 4 was a result - achieved in part because of David's music. The music glues the series together and makes it enjoyable to watch. People shouldn't notice the score, it should not be imposing, but it should transport them to another world; David helps to achieve that. For drama you need something special in the music and David always delivers."

Hugh Miles, Independent Filmmaker and Producer, Wild Wise Ltd

"Good at bringing out the latent emotion in a scene, good with action, David is everything I would look for in a composer for the screen. Our first collaboration worked so well I've used him for every subsequent project. He can also create a full orchestral sound with just a few musicians used creatively – it works for us, and it works for the audience. If you give a concise brief to David, he'll often come up with a 'hole in one'."

Nigel Pope, Director, Mara Media (ex BBC Producer)

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What Others Say

Here are a few comments received from other people who wanted to say something.

"After hearing the composition New Dawn in the two most recent episodes of Grand Designs I would love to know if this is part of a larger piece. If not then in my humble opinion this hauntingly evocative piece deserves to be: if it is, then would it be available to the general public in some form. Often incidental music goes unnoticed but in this case I was so distracted I had to rewind to catch Kevin's commentary on the project."
Geoff Barden

"It's a really uplifting piece and makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when the key changes."
David Barrowcliff

"I was wondering if it is possible to purchase more David Poore music on CD? I already possess the Africa CD which was bought for me years ago. I actually walked down the aisle to the wonderful 'Celebration' when i got married in South Africa in 2007. Please let me know if it is available as my husband & I love all the music that's been composed!"
Becki Davenport Thomas

Alistair Jones

"I was recently driving through Dumfries and Galloway. When confronted with a particularly breathtaking scene not far from Bannockburn and the Wallace Monument, somewhere from my subconscious your wonderful instrumental piece 'New Dawn' erupted in glorious harmony with this landscape. I had obviously heard this particular piece of music at some point before, but it was only now, being assaulted with such rugged beauty and immersed in such a magnificent sense of history, was I struck by what, to me, appeared to be a manifestly Celtic composition. I was transported to the time of Wallace and Bruce, the Scottish Wars of Independence, the overwhelming dignified and courageous fight for the freedom of the Highland peoples. I would like to thank you for creating a piece of music that enriched a highly emotive personal experience."
Atiek Arian

"Over the years I've watched a number of films where a musical soundtrack is featured very prominently (Koyaanisqatsi, Baraka, and others) and would love to see (and hear!) a film of this nature with a score by you.
So, thanks for your music, you have yet another fan."

William Meyer, Seattle, USA

"When watching the movie, I've been totally amazed with the music. You are no doubt a great composer indeed.
Wishing you further great successes"

Oleksa Haiworonski, Deputy Director of the Bakhchisaray Historical & Cultural State Preserve, Ukraine

'I recently saw the Life in the Undergrowth series, and I absolutely loved your music in it."
Brian Rak

"When a piece of music touches me as yours does you want to get that music so you can listen to it and it brings so many emotions."
Gary Burns

"I bought the CD soundtrack for the "Africa" National Geographic series. Had to import it via Amazon but well worth the wait. Simply Stunning !"
Portia Pullen

"I am a maritime painter and I was really impressed with the way you composed the music for the documentary Degas and The Dance. Your music gives me a real feeling of the impressionist. It is beautiful work music."
Ronald van Rikxoort

"We recently saw the film The Natural World - Ireland. Compliments and big respect for your excellent music."
Peter Wolf-Brennan

"I think your music is absolutely fantastic. I used to play the violin when I was younger and every single time I hear this music it makes me want to play my violin again !"
Gail Bemrose

"The key change in the Big Cat Song is particularly powerful and spine tingling. Isn't music great how it can have that effect..."
Patrick Watkins

"I have been given your contact details and advised that you composed the beautiful music which accompanied the series Tales from the Green Valley. I thought the music was fantastic - haunting and evocative - it captured the mood of the programme perfectly."
Karen Cheeseman

"I spend a lot of time with family in Kenya, and I have never experienced music which depicts East Africa in my minds eye like yours has."
Andy Cutler-Davies

"Springwatch is the music that my mind replays almost continuously (when I should be studying St Matt's Passion!)"
Hazel Card

"I love your music, but one song in particular sweeps me off my feet and actually strikes me as some of the best music I've ever heard...I would die for this song."
Theo Freeman

"I hadn't realized you were behind all these upliftingly rhythmic themes. After hearing some of the samples on your web site I smiled to know there's '66 dude out there giving people an excuse to feel good with your creativity !"

"I was blessed to find myself on the joyous vibration that is your website. I enjoyed your inspiring environment. The seed of creativity is evident throughout. You have a unique artistic spirit and I honour what you have accomplished."
Michael Teal

"I am a HUGE fan of your work.. your scores are absolutely gorgeous and are just so inspiring! Thank you for such incredible work."
Ryan O'Neal, Chicago, il.

"Thank you for the information regarding the websites that I may obtain some of your music as it is excellent and the more people who hear it the better."
Lesley Hay

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Complete Works List

Full archive of David's films.

Feature Film

Past Imperfect - Director : Caroline Sax (in production)

The Passenger - Director : Ben Wicks (in production)

Frail - Director : Leslie Rogers

Waiting - Director : Tony O'Callaghan

BBC Natural History

David Attenborough's Life In Cold Blood - Incidental Score     Directors - Miles Barton, Hilary Jeffkins

David Attenborough's Life In The Undergrowth - Incidental Score     Director - Mike Salisbury

The Nature Of Britain - Series Title and Incidentals     Director - Stephen Moss

Mountain Gorilla     Directors - Nigel Pope, Rosie Gloyns, Scott Alexander

Planet Earth: The Future - Incidental Score     Director - Fergus Beeley

The Natural World - Ireland (Emmy Nomination 2005)     Director - Karen Partridge

The Natural World - Great White Shark: A Living Legend    Director - Joe Kennedy

The Natural World - A Boy Among Polar Bears     Director - Sue Flood/Doug Allan

The Natural World - The Leopard Hunters     Director - Mike Birkhead

The Natural World - Killer Bees: Taming The Swarm     Director - Karen Partridge

The Natural World - Journey To The Dark Heart     Director - Gary Dash

The Natural World - The Land Of Shining Water     Director - John Waters

Big Cat Diary 1995 to present - Series Title and Incidentals     Director - Nigel Pope

Springwatch / Autumnwatch - Series Title   (Royal Television Society Award Nomination 2005)  Director - Stephen Moss

The Secret Life of Elephants    Director - Nigel Pope

The Truth About Lions     Director - Colin Jackson

Nature's Miracle Babies - Series Title     Director - Annie Heather

Orangutan Diary - Series Title and Incidentals     Director - Nigel Pope

Elephant Diaries - Series Title and Incidentals     Director - Simon Nash

Big Bear Week - Series Title and Incidentals     Director - Nigel Pope

Chimp Diary - Series Title and Incidentals     Director - Nigel Pope

Nightwatch - Series Title and Incidental score     Director - Stephen Moss

Wild In Your Garden - Series Title and Incidentals     Director - Stephen Moss

Why Sharks Attack - Incidental Score     Director - Gavin Maxwell

How To Watch Wildlife - Series Titles and Incidentals     Director - Stephen Moss

Wildlife On One - Warthogs - Hogging The Limelight     Director - Lizzie Bewick

Wildlife On One - Hyenas - Heroes or Villains     Director - Lizzie Bewick

Wildlife On One - Baywatch - A Dolphin's View     Director - Susan McMillan

Wildlife On One - Lifesize     Director - Melinda Barker

Wildlife On One - Eat A Beaver - Save A Tree     Director - Roger Jones

Wildlife On One - Springbok of The Kalahari     Director - Trevor de Kock

David Attenborough's Wildlife Specials - Series Title     Director - Keith Scholey

Richard Leakey, Africa's Wildlife Warrior     Director - Joe Kennedy

Venom ER - Incidental Score     Director - Gavin Maxwell

Polar Bear Diary - Series title and incidental score     Director - Paul Appleby

Flamingowatch - Series title and incidental score     Director - Robin Hellier

Animal Odysseys - Series title and incidental score     Director - Michael Bright

Growing Up Wild - (26 x 30mins for children)     Director - Michael Bright

Wildlife Showcase - (7 x 50 min films)     Director - Michael Bright

BBC Features and Documentaries

Ewan McGregor - Cold Chain Mission    Director - Iain Thompson

Tales From The Green Valley    Director - Peter Sommer

Great Britons - Elizabeth I    Director - Jonathan Stedall

Degas and the Dance    Director - Mischa Scorer

BBC DoNation - Series Ident    Director - Jan Golunski

Superhomes    Director - Rachel Bell

Omnibus: Listen Paula (Isabel Allende)    Director - Mischa Scorer

Everyman: Bishop of The Arctic    Director - Joe Kennedy

Great Railway Journeys: London to Arcadia    Director - Jonathan Stedall

Omnibus: Degas - The Old Man Mad About Art    Director - Mischa Scorer

Squeeze Your Lemon (Rudi Shelly)    Director - Mike Fox

Voice from the Bundu - A Tribute to Sir Laurens van der Post    Director - Jonathan Stedall

Natural Design - Series titles and incidentals    Director - Wendy Darke

Crossing The Lines (Swiss Red Cross)    Director - Beth Holgate

United Nations - Under The Blue Flag    Director - Amanda Theunissen

War On Cancer    Director - Sarah Cunliffe

The Trouble With Men (Men's Health)    Director - Grant Mansfield

John Aspinall - Gambling For Gorillas    Director - Julian Mercer

Animal People: Gladys, The African Vet    Director - Jane-Marie Franklyn

Nature Special - City Trees, Under The Axe    Director - Neil Nightingale

Nature - The Price Of Peace    Director - Andrea Wills

Nature - The Gulf....Coming Clean?    Director - Grant Mansfield

Nature - Malaysian Takeaway    Director - Brian Leith

Nature - The Rain Plague    Director - Grant Mansfield

Nature - Secrets In The Sand    Director - Andrea Wills

Nature - Cairo - Mother of The Megacities    Director - Andrea Wills

Nature - Exhausted    Director - Grant Mansfield

Nature - London Zoo - An Endangered Species    Director - Andrea Wills

State Of The Ark - Series Title    Director - Grant Mansfield

State Of The Ark - Barred For Life    Director - Lawrence Simanowitz

State Of The Ark - Playing God    Director - Julian Mercer

State Of The Ark - Noah's Ark 2015    Director - Vivianne Howard

State Of The Ark - Series Update    Director - Kate Broome

State Of The Ark - Series 2    Director - Kate Broome

Meat - Series Titles and Incidentals    Director - Kate Broome

ITV    (N - Network   R - Regional)

Man-Eaters (6 x 30 mins) (N)     Director - Andrew Jackson

Fat Club(N)     Director - Denise Seneviratne

Celebrity Fit Club (N)     Director - Denise Seneviratne

Talking To Animals (N)     Director - Karen Bass

In The Wild - Goldie Hawn and The Asian Elephant (N)     Director - Andrew Jackson

In The Wild - Bob Hoskins and Tigers (N)     Director - Andrew Jackson

In The Wild - Christopher Reeve and Grey Whales (N)     Director - Andrew Jackson

The Middle Ages - Series title (N)     Director - David Parker

The Mendip Hills - Series title (R)     Director - David Parker

Secrets of The Levels - Incidental score (R)     Director - David Parker

Good Health Series Title (R)     Director - Ken Price

Up Front - Series title (R)     Director - Caroline Hawkins

Anybody Out There (R)     Director - Trevor Hill

The Manufactured Landscape (N)     Director - Ken Price

Channel 4

Grand Designs - 2007 to present     Director - Fiona Caldwell

Catching The Impossible     Director - Hugh Miles

Dispatches: Barrack Room Bullies     Director - Harvey Lilley

Dispatches: The Lost Children (Bristol Doctors)     Director - Alex Sutherland

Jim Shekhdar: Ocean Rower     Director - Hugh Thompson

Secret History: Title Sequence     Director - Karen Kendon

Death Watch: A Foot and Mouth Diary     Director - Jo Schofield

Faces of India with Mark Tully     Director - Jonathan Stedall

The Real Dian Fossey     Director - Jane-Marie Franklyn

Fragile Earth: To Kill A Whale     Director - Brian Leith

Short Stories: Speechless     Director - Jane-Marie Franklyn

Absolutely Animals: A Dog's Christmas     Director - Joe Kennedy

USA and Worldwide

Ethiopia Rising - Red Terror to Green Revolution (1x50 min independent film by 1080 Films)      Director - Mark Dodd

Tigress Blood (1x50 min for Discovery Channel)      Director - Akanksha Sood Singh & Praveen Singh

African Cats Adventure (3x50 min for Disney Nature)      Director - Keith Scholey / Hilary Jeffkins

Africa (8x50 min for National Geographic/PBS+Sony CD)     Director - Andrew Jackson

Wild Indonesia (3 x 50 min for PBS)     Director - Andrew Jackson

The Man Who Stopped The Desert    Director - Mark Dodd

Nile Crocodiles (National Geographic)     Director - Hugh Miles

Snake Hunter - North America (National Geographic)     Director - Richard Matthews

- (Music Finalist in Wildscreen Awards 2002 & Jackson Hole Film Festival 2003)

The Dark Side Of Chimps (Granada / National Geographic)     Director - Steve Gooder

Cheetahs Of Namibia (Granada / Animal Planet)     Director - Steve Gooder

K9 Boot Camp (9x50mins for Animal Planet)     Director - Clare Fisher

High Adventures - Kilimanjaro (Discovery / WGBH)     Director - Hugh Thompson

Death Squeeze (National Geographic)     Director - Richard Matthews

Whispers of the Horse (aka Hesteliv) (Bio Visjon)     Director - Fergus Beeley

Snake Hunter - Costa Rica (National Geographic)     Director - Richard Matthews

Hayden Turner's Wildlife Challenge (National Geographic)     Director - Honor Peters

Terminal Velocity (National Geographic)     Director - Martin Dohrn

Intimate Enemies (WNET Pilot)     Director - Justine Kershaw

Snakes - Africa's Deadly Dozen (National Geographic)     Director - Karen Partridge

Amazing Animals (52 x 30mins for Disney/DK Vision)     Director - Michael Lekes

Shark Mad (BBC Worldwide)     Director - Susan McMillan

Birthday Zoo - (13 x 30 mins for Animal Planet)     Director - Karen Walsh

Octopus Hunter (National Geographic)     Director - Joe Kennedy

Sea Bears Of The Diamond Coast (National Geographic)     Director - Richard Matthews

Guanacos - Spitting Mad (National Geographic)     Director - Hugh Miles

Flying Hooves, Fleeting Shadows (Survival / N.Geographic)     Director - Richard Matthews

Tough At The Top (ORF Austria)     Director - Michael Schlamburger

The Great Ice Bear Event (WNET)     Director - Joe Kennedy

Animal Intelligence (BBC Americas and Discovery)     Director - Joe Kennedy

War On Cancer     Director - Sarah Cunliffe

Extaordinary Dogs     Director - Emma Peddie

Hidden Worlds - Series title     Director - Tessa Board

Hidden Worlds - Amazon's Ancient Oddities     Director - Emma Peddie

Hidden Worlds - Poison Frogs     Director - Emma Peddie

Hidden Worlds - Patagonia's Tuxedo Junction     Director - John Waters

Viasat - Ticket Channel & History Channel (Main Ident)     Director - Suzette Janczycowski

Viasat - TV Shop & TV 1000 (Main Ident)     Director - Suzette Janczycowski


Sony - Little Big Planet 3: The Gardens (DLC) - In-Game level    Director - Duncan Smith

Sony - Little Big Planet 3: Intro Movie    Director - Duncan Smith

Sony - Little Big Planet: PS Vita - Cinematic Movie    Director - Tobias Lilja


Sony - Little Big Planet 3: Cinema & TV Commercial    Director - Duncan Smith

Bristish Academy     Director - Ben Mankin

The Mall - Cribbs Causeway, Bristol     Director - Bevan Mawby / DB Communication By Design

The Fish - Hotel and Restaurant     Director - Samuel Poore / Viewpoint Photography and Film

Which? Magazine (TV and Radio)     Director - Alisa Robbins

South West Regional Development Agency (SWRDA)     Director - Bevan Mawby / DB Communication By Design

British Gas     Director - David Brown / McCann Erickson

HSA Finance     Director - David Brown / McCann Erickson

Vision Express     Director - David Brown / McCann Erickson

Western Daily Press - Sports Pages     Director - David Brown / McCann Erickson

Bristol Zoo (Imagine That ! + Gorilla Island)     Director - David Brown / McCann Erickson

The Green'Un (Bristol Evening Post)     Director - David Brown / McCann Erickson

British Made Windows     Director - British Made Windows


Mr Moon - 52x10mins for Disney     Director - Andrew Hunter

Oban Star Racers - Jetix Disney XD (Series Title Remix)     Director - Michael Lekes

Amazing Animals - 52x30mins for Disney / DK Vision     Director - Michael Lekes

Growing Up Wild - 26x30mins for BBC Worldwide     Director - Michael Bright

Up Front - Series title (Regional South West)     Director - Caroline Hawkins

Anybody Out There (Regional South West)     Director - Trevor Hill


Natural History Museum - David Attenborough Studio (2009 to Present - Installation Music)

Apopo Hero Rats (1x3min promotional film)     Director - James Pursey

Wildscreen Festival (1996 to Present - Awards Ceremony Music)     Director - Jane Krish

@Bristol (All display music for Wildwalk Exhibit)     Director - Chris Parsons

Bristol IMAX Cinema - Introduction Sequence     Director - Chris Parsons

L.S.Lowry Exhibition - Video Soundtrack     Director - Mischa Scorer

25 Years of Partridge Films & Queen's Award Ceremony     Director - Vincent Pipe

The London Aquarium - (Display Films)     Director - Bob Golding

The Oban Sealife Centre     Director - Andy Byatt

The Wonder Of British Wetlands     Director - Chris Parsons

Las Vegas Magician - Bob Arno     Director - Bob Arno

Building The Sliding Domes of Medina's Mosque     Director - Stuart Kington

Nimbus Electronics - Logo     Director - Caroline Biggar

Video presentation in Jellyfish Aquariums around Britain     Director - Bob Golding

Working In Unison     Director - Lee Cox

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