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The Volume of Incidental Music on TV

I’ve been reading the recent Guardian blog article about the level of the music on the BBC series ‘Wonders of the Universe’. The article included the following…

“Some viewers complained that the show’s background music was so loud and intrusive that it drowned out [Prof. Brian] Cox entirely. In response, the BBC is promising to re-edit the rest of the series to lower the volume of Sheridan Tongue’s bombastic score. That is surely a triumph for viewers and those who have long complained about the volume of background music. But not everyone is happy with the outcome. Cox himself weighed into the debate on Radio 4’s Start The Week, saying that the decision to turn down the volume of his series was wrong. “We can sometimes be too responsive to the minority of people that complain,” he said. “It should be a cinematic experience – it’s a piece of film on television, not a lecture.”  Continue reading

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