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Current Work

I am currently working on music for a documentary film entitled “The Girl Gang of Telia” – a film made by Kosmic Global Media following the fortunes of a group of four tiger sisters in India who discover the merits of hunting as a pack. The film is produced by Akanksha Sood Singh.

Girl Gang

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Feature film – ‘Frail’

I’ve recently completed writing music for the feature film ‘Frail’. The film stars Simon Shepherd and Catrin Stewart and was written and directed by Leslie Rogers.  It is a character drama set in Bristol about a girl having recently moved from The Isle of Man, exploring the fragile and sometimes tempestuous relationships she develops in her new surroundings.

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Stephen Fry in Sony PS Vita voice-over session

I was in London today where I met Stephen Fry at a voice-over recording session for the the new incarnation of Sony’s game ‘Little Big Planet‘ for the upcoming handheld PS Vita.

Stephen had several hours of gaming instructions to read through including the intro cinematic movie which I’ve recently written music for.  So good to finally meet the great man and now waiting for the release of the game in a few months to see it all put together.

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