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Screened Music Network at BFI

On Monday 11th November I gave one of Screened Music Network’s masterclasses, the subject was collaborative scoring with world musicians. I spoke for the first half of the afternoon using video and audio examples of my work and then Christian Henson (who heroically stepped in at the 11th hour after Alex Heffes unfortunately had to drop out due to commitments in LA) gave his 90 minute half, also playing clips of his work. (Not sure masterclass is right here as it was more about sharing experiences rather than teaching or instructing, however everyone seemed to take something away from the day).





The event was a real success having been organized as always by Olivia Dixon and Steve Molesworth who run Screened Music Network, and there were a lot of motivated conversations with composers that followed the seminar well into the evening.

In the words of SMN:

The Screened Music Network Masterclasses are a series of high-end training days for film and television composers.
Unique to Screened Music, the days provide an essential opportunity to investigate some of the latest methods and techniques required of today’s media composers.

Photo 11-11-2013 11 53 54

(The room did fill up more than this !!)

It was a real honour for me to be asked to speak at the event which was hosted by Nick Ryan, another composer but also excellent mediator who was able to fire just the right question to me or Christian when appropriate.

It was a great day and I look forward to the next SMN event soon.

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Live Drumming…Who Needs Plasters?

I was recently asked by my friend Chris Budd to stand in as drummer for the covers band he plays in Mangetout at a party they are playing at in one of Bristol’s new music venues The Tunnels.  It’s for a private birthday party and we’ll be playing around an hour’s set.  The music comprises a fair range of styles from Otis Reading and James Brown to The Clash, Pink and Amy Winehouse – good solid party fair.

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The X Factor: What Are We Actually Watching ?

   Time for a soapbox moment…

(Oct 17th 2011)

I know I’m going over well trodden ground here but The X Factor and probably other shows in its genre are in my opinion seriously misleading – by promising us one thing but delivering something very different.  At its inception the producers no doubt thought this show would be the definitive answer to modern day pop chart content – give the chart lovers a chance to initiate the careers of the most popular acts on stage. In theory this concept seems a very democratic selection process, and along the way there just might be an entertaining show for the rest of us whilst acts are routinely eliminated. The concept of a TV talent show of course dates back years, so this is not a new idea but The X Factor is simply the current incarnation.

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