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From Desk til Dawn

Across the last few months I’ve been working on a number of projects including the animation series Mr Moon which I really enjoyed and is now showing daily on Disney Junior (formerly Playhouse Disney) at 6.45pm.  I wrote a handful of songs for the series which I’d rarely done before so that was a refreshingly new experience, particularly because the voice artists all recorded in Canada.  This meant I had to send demo tracks with my singing, over the web to the guys doing the voices, and usually late into the evening UK time I’d log into Skype and they’d patch me through the mixing desk in their recording studio and I’d be able to direct the session.

What with that and the fact that the animation was all done in Singapore (at the other end of the daily time line) it made for a really interesting working process.  The series was completed towards the end of 2010 and there are now discussions about series 2.

I’m also in the process of writing music for a short independent horror/comedy film entitled “Waiting”, produced by Overlook Films and directed by Tony O’Callaghan.

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